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Industrial Planetary Gearboxes

Available in both coaxial and right angled configurations, the planetary system is particularly suitable for high torque, low speed applications.


Industrial Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Highly efficient coaxial units which, size-for-size, transmit higher output torques than the equivalent helical or worm gear unit, often permitting a smaller and lower cost Cycloidal unit to be specified.


Precision Cycloidal/Planetary Zerogear Combination

The design combines the balanced torque reaction forces of precision planetary gears and their servomotor inputs, with the high torsional stiffness, high torque and high overload capacity of a zero backlash Cycloidal speed reducer output.


Precision Cycloidal Speed Reducers

The zero backlash Cycloidal speed reducers are highly accurate and capable of accepting high shock loads making them ideal for highly dynamic, precision positioning applications.


Precision Planetary Servogear Units

Planetary gearheads for all stepper and servomotors or supplied as self-contained gearboxes with primary inputshaft. Centa Servogear units are ideal for highly dynamic, high accuracy positioning drive applications.


Special Design Customgear Units

When standard units are not ideal for a particular duty, Centa can modify or re-engineer a product to meet the demands of a specific application. Our applications experience gained over many years, together with our wide model range enables us to offer the most suitable solution.



The most economical unit specially designed for high torque, low power, low speed drive applications. The units combine the high torque, low speed characteristics of a planetary gear output with the high speed, high reduction ratio characteristic of a cycloidal drive.



Available in twelve sizes, each of which use a standardised cube allowing the compact external dimensions to remain the same, irrespective of the reduction ratio. Universal mounting on any of the six faces is permissible, with the option of mounting feet.

We specialise in the supply of engineered precision positioning and power transmission drive solutions for a wide range of industrial, precision automation and processing drive applications.

All application requirements are carefully evaluated, taking into account torque, inertia, speed, ratio, operational duty times, shock and peak loading conditions, dimensional limitations, any backlash constraints etc. in order to determine the most suitable drive solution consistent with meeting a customers specification at an economic cost.

Completely integrated drive packages are available based on standard Centa gear modules and including a motor (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic), shaft couplings together with ancillary items, i.e. clutches, brakes, torque limiters, interlock and sensing switches etc. can all be supplied as a drive assembly, fully tested and ready for installation. Centa's specialised and extensive application experience ensures selection of the most appropriate drive solution.

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New Large FINE CYCLO Speed Reducer

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