The CENTAX-TT is a compact coupling with high performance density and is perfect for heavy duty applications in high speed drives.

Its design features segmented rubber elements, each consisting of two concentrically arranged pre-compressed rubber segments, which jointly transmit the torque and is of an extremely short and high-performing design.


It is a coupling of medium torsional stiffness and can easily be adapted to the torsional system by adjusting the number and the arrangement of the segments. It dampens torsional vibrations and shockloads and compensates for axial and radial misalignments and is suitably ventilated, with high admissible energy loss.

The CENTAX-TT can be fitted easily and quickly and is replaceable without the need to interfere with the coupled units.


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Torque range:  17.6 to 500 kNm

Elastic material: NR

Temperature range:  -45° to +80°C


Application includes:

Ship propulsion


and similar applications