CENTAMAX-HTC - ONE OF RANGE OF flexible couplingS for GENSETS up to 3-4mw

The CENTAMAX-HTC is a highly flexible coupling with high energy damping capability for all SAE flywheels, designed to overcome torsional vibration caused by drive misalignment.

Torque transmission is via a toothed outer ring onto a rubber element that comprises and internal slot that increases the coupling surface by 50% and halves the heat path.

With a larger surface area allowing a higher energy loss, reduced heat dissipation and improved ventilation, the CENTAMAX-HTC dampens torsional vibration and overcomes axial, radial and angular misalignment. This new design provides far superior performance when compared with the alternative double coupling solution, fits all SAE flywheels, overcomes torsional deflection and is available for gensets up to 3-4mw.

For more information on our range of couplings for gensets, which includes the CENTAMAX-B, CENTAMAX-G and CENTAMAX-HTC, please contact the technical team.

To download the CENTAMAX-HTC product datasheet, please follow this link.

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Applications include:

Gensets, or similar applications

Torque range: 5.4 to 45 kNm
Elastic material: NR
Temperature range: -45° to +80°C