The CENTAFLEX-X is a torsionally stiff coupling with high power density and is ideal for applications operating in extreme conditions.

Its design is based on a flexible element of heavy duty plastic with pressure-fitted steel bushes, combining high performance and rupture-proof operation with high torsional stiffness. Highly elastic properties allow for the efficient compensation of axial and angular misalignments and as a drive shaft, the CF-X offers additional radial flexibility.


It is of an extremely lightweight and compact design, is resistant to oil, is well ventilated and suitable for specificatyion for applications in extremely high ambient temperatures.

Design type X-S features axial blind assembly for minimum mounting effort. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE.


To download the CENTAFLEX-X product datasheet, please follow this link.


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Torque range: 0.01 to 1.5 kNm

Elastic material: PA

Temperature range: up to app. +150°C



Application includes:

Step motors

Tachometer drives

Hydraulic drives

Torsionally stiff u/joints