CENTAFLEX-D SERIES Flexible Couplings

The CENTAFLEX-D is a flexible flange coupling designed for use in heavy duty applications.

It is of an extremely robust and fail-safe jaw-type construction with elastomeric buffers to cope with compressive stress. The coupling is of medium torsional stiffness with progressive characteristics and has been developed for the resonance-free operation of diesel driven transmissions, in particular generators. The coupling dampens torsional vibration, shock loads and compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment. It is a reliable, robust and rupture-proof flexible coupling produced in an especially short and economical design.

It can be blind assembed for easy mounting, has flywheel connections acc. to SAE and is also available for non-standard flywheel applications.


To download the CENTAFLEX-D product datasheet, please follow this link.


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Applications include:

Diesel drives





Torque range: 0.28 to 40 kNm

Elastic material: NBR

Temperature range: -25° to +80°C