CENTAFLEX-B is an economical shaft coupling that is compatible all types of drives

An economical flexible shaft coupling that is compatible with all types of drive applications, the CENTAFLEX-B Series is an extremely robust fail-safe jaw-type design with an elastomer element that withstands compressive stress. This coupling is characterised by intermediate torsional stiffness; dampens torsional vibration and shockloads and eliminates axial, radial and angular misalignments.

It is available in a variety of design variations it is economical coupling that is oil-resistant. It is available in thermally resistant options.

The CF-B is compatible with driveshafts of any length, is delivered pre-assembled and can be easily attached to axial or radial mountings. CENTALOC clamping or taper lock bushes are available as an option to prevent wear and frictional corrosion on shafts that do not possess a backlash-free hub-to-shaft connection.

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Torque range:  0.032 to 1.4 kNm

Elastic material: PU / TPE

Temperature range:

PU -40° to +80°C TPE -50° to 150°C