The CENTAFLEX-AGM is a highly flexible homokinetic drive shaft for the connection of gear and propeller shaft and is particularly suitable for applications with moderate angular deflections.

It has backlash-free torque transmission is via a double-cardanic drive shaft with two highly flexible rubber elements and propeller thrust is transmitted to the boat hull by a self-aligning thrust bearing. It has been specially designed to reduce vibration and noise and dampens torsional vibration and shocks, interrupts structure-borne noise and tolerates (homokinetic) angular deflections of up to 3 degrees. The CF-AGM additionally offers a high degree of electrical insulation.

Mounted is quick and easy using a clamping hub and this coupling comes complete with fail-safe device and is a little engineering, is ready to install.

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Applications include:


Marine engines, between engine and gear;  gear and propeller shaft; water jet and Z-drives, etc.


Torque range: 0.16 to 11 kNm

Elastic material: NR

Temperature range: -45° to +80°C