CENTADISC-C is a super-strong lightweight drive shaft that is available in in two different plastic materials for a fast, robust and ultra-light marine driveline.


It is a double cardanic system made from either heavy duty plastic for increased angular flexibility, or from glass-fibre reinforced plastic for higher torque transmission. It is a torsionally stiff design and compensates for considerable axial and angular misalignment. Its low weight, high strength combination makes it particularly ideal for long spans and as a consequence, it eliminates the need for additional intermediate bearings along its length. The CENTADISC-C is extremely durable, is corrosion and oil-resistant and is suitable for operation in high ambient temperatures.


The CENTADISC-C is available in any length, with up to 10 metres per section, is radially mountable and with requires minimum maintenance, as the elimination of bearings and foundations means that handling and maintenance cost savings can be achieved.


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Applications include:


Marine propulsion: between engine and gear or water jet (in combination with a torsional flexible coupling); between gear and water jet


Cooling towers

Water pumps


Torque range: 1 to 40 kNm

Elastic material: PA/GFK

Temperature range: -40° to +150°C