Flexible couplings and lightweight shafts for larger ocean-going Ships

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CENTAX-SEC GFS1/2 Series 300

Nominal torque:
Up to 660,000Nm

The CENTAX is a standard main propulsion coupling with high torsional and radial elasticity, plus moderate angular elasticity.


CENTAX-SEC LFS Series Coupling

Nominal torque:
Up to 85,000Nm

The CENTAX-SEC LFS is ideal for flex mounted engines and combines high torsional/radial elasticity with moderate angular elasticity.


CENTALINK Lightweight Driveshaft

Nominal torque:
Up to 540,000Nm

Torsionally stiff coupling is ideal for high misalignment applications. CENTALINK is available in steel or carbon fibre composite sections.


CENTADISC Lightweight Driveshaft

Nominal torque:

A reliable, high performance and very lightweight drive shaft used for all types of marine applications.


CENTA Lightweight Carbon Fibre Driveshaft

Nominal torque:

Very strong yet light carbon fibre composite drive shaft designed for long spans with little or no bearing support.


Flexible marine couplings to overcome all transmission noise and vibration problems for large ships, boats and ocean going vessels. Reduce weight through the use of carbon fibre drive shafts, which allow long, single shaft spans without intermediate bearing support.

CENTAFLEX is a Registered Trade Mark

Couplings for small boats

Couplings for industrial applications


Centa Engine Drives 2016 Brochure.pdf

Centa Couplings Brochure

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CF_A_UJ Short Shaft Marine Tail Shaft coupling.pdf


All of our flexible couplings have individual technical data sheets which you can download  from our Group website. You can also download the CENTAFLEX-A Series Installation and Maintenance PDF and our Coupling Element Identification PDF.

Flexible couplings and lightweight shafts to eliminate vibration and noise