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Industrial Couplings


Our industrial coupling range covers all torques with versatile flexible coupling solutions for all types of machinery, construction plant, mechanical handling equipment and numerous other applications for quiet, vibration-free and totally reliable transmissions.

Couplings for Small Boats


Eliminate all shaft-transmitted noise and vibration, cushion torsional stress and shockloads with Centa couplings designed to accommodate shaft misalignment and engine movement. Solutions for all types of small boats.

Couplings for Large Boats and Ships


Flexible marine propulsion couplings to overcome all transmission noise and vibration problems for large boats and sea-going vessels. Carbon fibre drive shafts for large, single shaft spans eliminating intermediate bearing support.

From initial concept to production manufacture, Centa is your partner in every aspect of your power transmission requirements.

Our dedicated system engineers ensure that your entire driveline system is sound, reliable and problem free, plus you benefit from Centa’s total involvement policy.

Over twenty models and many special versions are designed to handle every flexible coupling application over a torque range from as small as 10 Nm to 1,000,000 Nm.

Centa couplings incorporate flexible elements with varying degrees of torsional stiffness having linear or progressive characteristics. This factor, together with misalignment capacity, allows most deflection and torsional stress conditions to be accommodated. Their unique design, using machined hubs and flanges, allows special requirements to be catered for without difficulty. Units are available for standard or customer specified diesel engine flywheel or power take-off mountings, electric or hydraulic motor and other shaft-to-shaft connections.

Centa flexible couplings are all approved by most classification societies.


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Centa Couplings Brochure

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All of our flexible couplings have individual technical data sheets which you can download  from our Group website. You can also download the CENTAFLEX-A Series Installation and Maintenance PDF and our Coupling Element Identification PDF.