Centa launcheS new couplingS for Diesel Hydraulic Pump Drives

New and recent additions to the Centa range of flexible couplings for Diesel hydraulic pump drives include the CENTAX-K, the CENTAFLEX-KF and the CENTAX-KN.

The CENTAX-K is a torsionally-soft coupling designed for diesel-driven compressor, pump or hydraulic drives. It features a rubber element that’s vulcanised to a steel adapter plate with several steel and reinforced plastic options on the output side. 

The coupling can be plugged in axially for easy mounting and with the benefit of high specification design and low cost, the new CENTAX-K is an impressive addition to the hydraulic pump drive range. It is available in three sizes and covers torques ranging from 400 to 800 Nm.

Another new coupling is the single piece, torsionally-stiff CENTAFLEX-KF. This is a stronger yet thinner lightweight flexible coupling offering construction plant operators more flexibility and superior stiffness. Designed for use in plant, crushers and other construction equipment, the new CENTAFLEX-KF allows increased levels of radial compliance and has a short-term resilience to high temperatures of up to 120°C, owing to an evolution in rubber blending compounds. This is of particular benefit if the need to operate in sealed enclosures is a consideration.

CENTAFLEX-KF consists of a lasered metal adapter plate for the flywheel connection, with a secondary flange made of moulded reinforced plastic, bonded to an extremely strong layer of vulcanised, temperature resistant rubber. The adapter plate is considerably thinner than that of the CENTAFLEX-KE and rather than rollers around the circumference, it is the strong rubber central core, vulcanised to the mounting plate, that gives the CF-KF its superior stiffness. This improved stiffness means that the torsional activities and resonances are moved further from running speeds.

The CENTAX-KN features a new toothed design that consists of a lasered adapter plate for the flywheel connection and a high tensile steel hub. The rubber element is vulcanised to the plate, providing the strength and flexibility essential to overcome drive misalignment and remove vibration. 

There is also an innovative three part aluminium clamping system which fits directly onto the shaft for ease of blind assembly. This allows for parallel drive assembly and is compatible with flange sizes up to SAE 14.

Centa manufactures and supplies a wide variety of flexible couplings, shafts and other power transmission products to suit any Diesel engine-driven industrial application where the elimination of misalignment, vibration, noise, or even, weight reduction, is required.  What makes Centa unique is the ability to engineer a bespoke engine drive to your specification, as well as supplying individual replacement couplings from stock.

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New CENTAX-K for hydraulic pump drives

Exploded view of the new CENTAFLEX-KF with Hydraulic Pump