Shipley, 19.01.18. Resistant to high temperatures and significantly cheaper than silicone. With CENTALAN HT (High Temperature), CENTA presents its newly developed synthetic elastomer which eliminates the need to use expensive silicone elements in a wide range of applications. The novel material from the company’s own rubber production is designed to meet the dynamic characteristics of natural rubber mixtures. Applications subject to operation in critical high temperature can thus be operated at ease.

In addition to its resistance to high ambient temperatures this new development ensures effective resistance to UV-light, ozone and oxygen as well as chemicals, steam and hot water. The mechanical properties of the CENTALAN HT elastomer are similar to natural rubber while outperforming the moderate strength of silicone rubber. Longer operation times and life cycles are possible due to the improved ageing resistance of the elastomer. The oil and fuel resistance of this new mixture is comparable to natural rubber.

CENTALAN HT can be used for a temperature range between – 25°C and + 100°C (short-termed + 120°C). Typical areas of applications are thermal power stations and encapsulated drives subject to high ambient temperatures.

The CENTAMAX-S, -G and -HTC series are currently available with a CENTALAN HT elastomer. Additional series and components upon request.

The globally operating CENTA Group has been engaging in solving complex drive train and torsional vibration challenges since 1970. Due to its numerous innovations, the company today ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible couplings and drive shafts for industry, marine and rail applications as well as for power generation. For more information, please visit the international website. Return to main News Page