Solving all types of drive problems

Solving drive problems for over 30 years

Centa started life 30 years ago as a component supplier and sales distributor for Centa Antriebe Kirschey GmbH, the present Group owners. From initially supplying flexible couplings and handling finishing work, Centa now offers bespoke engineered solutions for mechanical power transmission drives.

Relocation and Expansion

Having relocated to its present site in Shipley (Bradford) in 1987, expansion enabled increased output and new production methods, including cellular production. With continued investment in new methods and machinery the business naturally moved into the development of bespoke work, providing engineered solutions to complex engineering problems.

Centa Today - Leading the Industry

Today, Centa is at the very forefront of drive technology. It has a core business based on flexible couplings for all types of industrial equipment, plant and marine vessels, complemented by high precision gears, gearboxes and electromagnetic clutches. Additionally, Centa has also developed their highly successful carbon fibre composite drive shafts for ships and boats and these are capable of covering spans of 10 Metres and more. With Sibre industrial disc and drum brakes for industrial cranes and other heavy machinery and many other specialised drive products, Centa provides cost-efficient and robust solutions to any drive problem.

Worldwide competence

CENTA is represented worldwide by 10 subsidiaries and 27 agencies. This allows us to offer our customers competent advice from our global network of experts, local warehouses and timely delivery of spare parts.

Highest quality standards

For more than 20 years, CENTA has been maintaining close and trusting co-operation with accredited classification societies. The company quality management system has been approved to DIN ISO 9001:2015. CENTA also demonstrates its commitment to ISO 14001, environmental laws and regulations as well as additional recommendations. These are not only met, but firmly integrated into the company decision making and implementation structures.


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Flexible couplings, shafts and precision gears for all types of mechanical power transmissions