CENTAFLEX-FH SeRIES Flexible CouplingS

The CENTAFLEX-FH is flange bearing coupling which protects engine crankshafts from high stress moments and compensates for high torsional stress which results from the large deflection angles of connected components.

With a robust flanged bearing housing made from tempered aluminium, the CF-FH is an easily maintainable coupling design on a durable bearing. It directs reaction forces to the flywheel housing, which protects both the crankshaft and bearing.


It is also available with a speed-controlled centrifugal clutch for the torsionally soft engagement of the connected components; is an extremely lightweight and compact design with highly effective ventilation.

The CF-FH is easy to fit and maintain and is available as a preassembled unit for flywheel connections.


To download the CENTAFLEX-FH product datasheet, please follow this link.


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Torque range:  0.77 to 24 kNm

Elastic material: Dependent upon the coupling installed

Temperature range: Dependent upon the coupling installed