Centa has delivered an 11 MNm misalignment coupling for the LORC Offshore Nacelle Testing facility. CENTAWAVE is a newly designed coupling, which enables double-cardanic and homokinetic transmission of very high torques, with no reaction force, for the very first time.


Real-world testing conditions

LORC (Lindoe Offshore Renewables Center) is located on the Danish island, Funen. With its 10 MW indoor test facilities, LORC can test entire wind turbine nacelles, including the rotor hub. The highly dynamic electric drive of the LORC nacelle testing facility is capable of generating full operating torque within milliseconds, respectively adapting it to the given load profile, thereby providing an optimum simulation of real-life wind conditions.


Customized solution from CENTA

Extremely reliable misalignment couplings, with an integrated overload unit, are required to connect the drive train and test nacelle. As a result, Centa developed a CENTAWAVE coupling with a modular design overload unit, protecting all components against overloads by instantaneous load separation.


Powerful compensation of misalignments

CENTAWAVE is a torsionally stiff coupling, and the newest member of our portfolio and boasts an extreme flexibility and power density. Looking at its life cycle costs, the homokinetic link coupling is an attractive alternative. The concept of the CENTAWAVE series allows for angular misalignments of up to 12 degrees, while at the same time compensating for very high axial movements. CENTAWAVE is designed for torques between 3 to 20,000 kNm and more. Even a considerable radial movement is reliably compensated in the double-cardanic system version.


Unique design

The patented design provides CENTAWAVE with kinematics that are unique in the market. The torque is transmitted homokinetically and is entirely free of stimulation and noise and the reaction force is not exerted on the connecting components. In addition, the coupling is backlash-free with no “stick-slip-effect” when compensating for misalignments – an important criteria for the decision makers at LORC.

The Centa team based at our premises in Germany.