The easy way to specify your next driveshaft! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Essential information for anyone specifying a new driveshaft is now available in a free-to-download paper just published by Centa Transmissions.

We receive many requests to supply driveshafts for all types of applications and find that when we receive these, much of the vital information we need to get the quotation completed as quickly and effectively as possible is missing.Driveshaft paper mockup.jpg

Whether your driveshaft is for an industrial or a marine application, the more information you can give us at the outset will ensure that we come back with the information you need, correctly specified and at the right price.

Taking a few minutes at the very start of the specification process can save you hours - and money - later!

Some of the things we need to know as early as possible in the process include:

  • Intended use
  • Life required
  • Operating speeds
  • Operating torques
  • Slip required, etc.

Why not download the full paper now and find out how it will help you to save time and money when you next need a quote from Centa.

Just click here, fill in your name and the email address you would like the link sending to and watch out for the email containing the link. It should take you about 30 seconds to complete the form, so why not download it now!

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS i.e., off-highway, test bed, pump (fire appliance, trucks), etc.

MARINE APPLICATIONS i.e., propeller drive, pump drive, stern gear, deck equipment, etc.