Teamwork is more than just a set of gears and raw power!

Small gears icon with border.jpgWhen cyclist Bradley Wiggins rode his bike over the Tour de France finishing line in Paris to become Britain’s first ever winner of the Tour de France, it needed more than a set of gears and raw power to do it.

It took knowledge, team work and skill, – plus the skill to deliver all three in exactly the right place and at precisely the right moment.
At Centa Transmissions, the specialist Gears division provides the creativity and functionality behind some innovative and at times, highly ambitious, drive systems. But, whatever the application, Centa always does what it does best, which is designing, building and implementing innovative and highly robust drive systems. And that’s all down to teamwork!

Many of the world’s leading gear manufacturers have a place in Centa’s team and consequently, Centa is one of the UK’s foremost power transmissions specialists and has a worldwide reputation as the ‘knowledge centre’ for anything ‘Precision’.

Bradley Wiggins London 2012.JPG

Centa’s strength is in the integration of innovative, high performance products that, says Centa’s gears division manager, Michael Sykes, “Means we start with the initial design and then integrate the most suitable products until we arrive at the optimum solution”.

Whether you’re looking for standard, precision or zero backlash, Centa provides drives that maintain total accuracy and repeatability in applications that include food manufacture, processing, welding, satellites, radar and precision medical equipment. And when the application is particularly inaccessible, in under-sea renewable power, for instance, accurate positioning and total reliability are mandatory.  

solar_positioning_gear.jpg        Keller Chicory press.jpg     ASS AG Face Gear Set.jpg

Centa gearboxes come in all shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs, as can be seen from examples of a solar panel positioning gearbox, left, large food gearbox and Face Gear set, right. 

If you have any drive problem, then Centa’s engineering team can help you solve it. And as you’ll find from the diversity of their offering, the transfer of cutting-edge technology into ever more ambitious applications is at the forefront of Centa specialist engineering capability.

London photograph by Geoff Noake