CENTA Transmissions specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of Diesel engine drives for all types of small and medium fishing boats, ferries, workboats, offshore support craft and other vessels. You can find us on Stand 72 at Skipper expo Int. Galway, Ireland again this year.

This year, CENTA is showing products specifically designed to overcome all types of misalignment, to eliminate vibration and noise caused as a consequence of a misaligned drive. Also on the stand will be the innovative Compact Electromagnetic Clutch (CEMC).

CENTAFLEX-AM is a torsionally soft flexible tailshaft coupling for connecting the gearbox and propeller shaft, isolating noise and vibration from the boat hull. 

It provides transmission of torque and propeller thrust via a highly flexible rubber element with integral thrust bearings and is specially designed to reduce noise and vibration by dampening torsional vibrations and shocks. It removes structure-borne noise and compensates for moderate axial, radial and angular misalignments. Additionally,it offers a high degree of electrical insulation. CF-AM is available is available in a wide range of standard sizes for engines up to several hundred KW. 

CENTAFLEX AGM is a highly flexible homokinetic drive shaft for the connection of gear and propeller shaft. It offers torque transmission via a double-cardanic drive shaft with two highly flexible rubber elements, with propeller thrust transmitted to the boat hull by a self-aligning thrust bearing. 

Specially designed to eliminate noise and vibration, the CF-AGM removes structure-borne noise and tolerates angular deflections of up to 2 degrees. It is also electrically insulated. 

Explains Nigel Smith, sales manager at CENTA: “We will always recommend the installation of a CENTA flexible rubber coupling between the engine flywheel and the gearbox, and from gearbox to the stern gear of any vessel. This allows different elements of the drivetrain to remain vibrationally isolated from one another by removing direct metal-to-metal contact, reducing stress, wear and minimising vibrations.

COMPACT ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH Also on the stand you can see two examples of CENTA’s Compact Electromagnetic Clutch. The CEMC is designed for marine gearbox take-off and front engine PTO applications and the two examples at the show are attached to hydraulic pump drives.

The CEMC is available in either 12v or 24v operation and is connected to the diesel engine electrics via an IP66 connector, rather than having flying leads, which makes it very easy to install.

For more information, please visit stand 72 on either 3rd or 4th March 2017, or contact the technical team.