New from centa. electromagnetic Clutch unit that accomodates all PTO requirements with one compact unit.

Bespoke design icon with border.jpgEngine drives specialists, Centa, have launched a new range of electro-magnetic clutches (EMC) that are set to make life easy for manufacturers, boat builders and engine packagers in the marine industry, where remote clutching of ancillary drives or equipment is required.

With seven different sizes, 400 to 7800, the new Centa EMC can be fitted directly to the engine SAE flange, via a torsionally flexible coupling onto the flywheel, or assembled as a stand-alone unit for auxiliary drives, from the non-flywheel end.

Given the correct application factors, all items of drive can be accommodated from high inertia fan drives, to hydraulic pumps and its versatile design allows generators or hybrid motors to be added to the clutched or drive end and all PTO requirements can be accommodated with this one compact unit.

EMC1a.jpgCenta sales manager, Nigel Smith, says:
“Centa has responded to calls from the market for this type of electronic clutch control and we believe that it will make drive systems easier to install and operate and hopefully, more efficient, which will be a welcome prospect for everyone in the marine industry.”

However, the Centa EMC is not limited to use on marine applications, as they are compatible with all types of auxiliary drives. It is expected that they will also be employed to control industrial, construction and materials handling plant, as well as military equipment.

The benefits of the design, which combines versatility and practicality, include easy integration into any propulsion drive and application, with varying power for large capacity operations. The control electronics are fully sealed in a watertight unit, which means that the EMC can be utilised on all types of vessels and can be operated in all seas and weathers.

Centa is confident that this new electromagnetic clutch will meet demand from designers and engineers in the marine, industrial plant and energy sectors, who are all seeking a cost-effective and versatile electronic alternative to the manually operated clutch.

For more information about the new Centa EMC Unit, as well as any other Centa power transmission products, please contact Centa’s technical team. You can also download the EMC brochure here to find full technical information.

Read the story in Maritime Journal here: Maritime Journal July 2013.pdf

Free standing version

Engine mounted version