NEW! COMPACT ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH for industrial and marine applications

The Compact EMC (CEMC) is an oil lubricated electromagnetic clutch, designed for either direct drive front engine PTO applications or fitted to marine gearbox take-offs.

The CEMC encompasses a metal cast body with a range of input mounting flanges and input drive shafts. The output is normally arranged for direct mounting of the hydraulic pumps.

Centa can provide any flange or shaft, within reason, on request, thereby making the CEMC a highly versatile product that gives the operator remote operation of the clutched drive.

It is available in either 12v or 24v operation, driven from the diesel engine electrics. Electrical connection is via an IP66 connector rather than having flying leads, which makes it easier for the installer and provides a highly robust solution.


For more information please download the Compact EMC Brochure here



Generic cross sections of Compact EMC clutch

Generic cross sections of EMC Clutch