Centa launcheS new couplingS for Diesel Hydraulic Pump Drives

New and recent additions to the Centa range of flexible couplings for Diesel hydraulic pump drives include the CENTAX-K, the CENTAFLEX-KF and the CENTAX-KN.

The CENTAX-K is a torsionally-soft coupling designed for diesel-driven compressor, pump or hydraulic drives. It features a rubber element that’s vulcanised to a steel adapter plate with several steel and reinforced plastic options on the output side. 

The coupling can be plugged in axially for easy mounting and with the benefit of high specification design and low cost, the new CENTAX-K is an impressive addition to the hydraulic pump drive range. It is available in three sizes and covers torques ranging from 400 to 800 Nm.

Another new coupling is the single piece, torsionally-stiff CENTAFLEX-KF. This is a stronger yet thinner lightweight flexible coupling offering construction plant operators more flexibility and superior stiffness. Designed for use in plant, crushers and other construction equipment, the new CENTAFLEX-KF allows increased levels of radial compliance and has a short-term resilience to high temperatures of up to 120°C, owing to an evolution in rubber blending compounds. This is of particular benefit if the need to operate in sealed enclosures is a consideration.

CENTAFLEX-KF consists of a lasered metal adapter plate for the flywheel connection, with a secondary flange made of moulded reinforced plastic, bonded to an extremely strong layer of vulcanised, temperature resistant rubber. The adapter plate is considerably thinner than that of the CENTAFLEX-KE and rather than rollers around the circumference, it is the strong rubber central core, vulcanised to the mounting plate, that gives the CF-KF its superior stiffness. This improved stiffness means that the torsional activities and resonances are moved further from running speeds.

The CENTAX-KN features a new toothed design that consists of a lasered adapter plate for the flywheel connection and a high tensile steel hub. The rubber element is vulcanised to the plate, providing the strength and flexibility essential to overcome drive misalignment and remove vibration. 

There is also an innovative three part aluminium clamping system which fits directly onto the shaft for ease of blind assembly. This allows for parallel drive assembly and is compatible with flange sizes up to SAE 14.

Centa manufactures and supplies a wide variety of flexible couplings, shafts and other power transmission products to suit any Diesel engine-driven industrial application where the elimination of misalignment, vibration, noise, or even, weight reduction, is required.  What makes Centa unique is the ability to engineer a bespoke engine drive to your specification, as well as supplying individual replacement couplings from stock.

For more information, phone 01274 531034, or email here.

New CENTAX-K for hydraulic pump drives

Exploded view of the new CENTAFLEX-KF with Hydraulic Pump

Skipper Expo Int. Bristol

Centa's range of flexible Tailshaft Couplings and their new Compact Electromagnetic Clutch will be at Skipper Expo Int. Bristol on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September 2017. Visit us on Stand 30.
Published on 24th of Jul 2017

New CENTADISC-C version with Hirth spline connection

New development on Centa's market-leading CENTADISC-C means that more vessels can take advantage of its space saving and weight saving capabilities.
Published on 8th of Jun 2017

CENTAX-KN seen for first time at Plantworx 2017

The new CENTAX-KN flexible coupling for diesel hydraulic drives made its first UK appearance at Plantworx this week.
Published on 7th of Jun 2017

Centa launches new CENTAX-K coupling for diesel hydraulic pump drives

Centa launches new CENTAX-K coupling, it's latest addition to the range of flexible couplings designed for diesel hydraulic pump drives.
Published on 12th of Apr 2017

Skipper Expo Int.

Centa will again be exhibiting at Skipper Expo Int. in Galway, Ireland. Pop over to see us on stand 72 and find out what,s new in noise and vibration reduction for mechanical power transmissions.
Published on 16th of Feb 2017

Long ultra lightweight carbon fibre shafts for the water industry pumping applications

Water engineers and other end-users can eliminate noise and vibration caused by drive misalignment with super strong, ultra-light carbon fibre driveshafts from Centa Transmissions
Published on 28th of Sep 2016

Team Britannia Record Bid is full steam ahead

Centa shafts powering Team Britannia, led by marine adventurer Alan Priddy, on course to set sail on round the world surface speed record bid later this year.
Published on 6th of Sep 2016

Centa Germany expansion benefits UK customers

Customers of diesel engine drive specialists, Centa Transmissions, can benefit from massive expansion to the manufacturing and warehousing facility at the CENTA Antriebe group headquarters in Germany.
Published on 31st of Aug 2016

Centaflex-KF launched by Centa

New, torsionally-stiff flexible coupling overcomes misalignment overcomes radial misalignment of up to 0.7 mm in normal operation.
Published on 23rd of Jun 2016

Graham Kenneth Tomlin

Published on 7th of Jun 2016

The easy way to specify your next driveshaft

Essential information for anyone specifying a new driveshaft. To ensure that your next driveshaft is quoted quickly and to properly meet the needs of your application, all the things you might be asked are included in this paper.
Published on 29th of Feb 2016

Alliance with Christie & Grey real asset to marine industry

Power transmissions specialists Centa Antriebe Kirschey have teamed up with noise and vibration control experts Christie & Grey to provide full drive applications for ships and boats of alll sizes.
Published on 17th of Feb 2016

Centa become new members of The Pump Centre

Centa is happy to announce that we are now members of The Pump Centre. The pump centre is a members organisation associated largely with the water industry and it's members cover all aspects of the industry, from technical consultation to supply chain members, such as ourselves.
Published on 14th of Jan 2016

Centa Beltbox: Another unique solution created from need

Centa Transmissions are experts at designing and manufacturing unique solutions to very specific issues. One such solution came in the creation of the CENTA BELTBOX.
Published on 10th of Nov 2015

Customer benefits with CENTA’s new Christie & Grey co-operation

Centa recently entered an exciting sales co-operation with Christie & Grey. The co-operation will allow us to offer a package including Centa couplings together with the flexible mounts available in Christie & Grey’s portfolio.
Published on 9th of Nov 2015

Unique coupling design for record breaking wind turbine project

Centa has delivered the CENTAWAVE, a newly designed misalignment coupling that allows double-cardanic and homokinetic transmission of very high torques, with no reaction force to the LORC Offshore Nacelle Testing facility in Funen, Denmark.
Published on 9th of Nov 2015

New Compact EMC for Industrial and Marine remote clutching applications

New Compact Electromagnetic Clutch for industrial and marine remote clutching applications.
Published on 3rd of Nov 2015

Industrial and marine power transmissions for all diesel engines from the drive experts at Centa

Power transmissions experts, Centa Transmissions, have produced flexible couplings for all types of diesel engine drives since 1979. Their experience is unrivalled, as is their range of products and sizes. With a coupling for every type of marine drive application imaginable, from workboats and fast ferries, to offshore and windfarm support vessels, you can expect to find a Centa flexible coupling in there somewhere.
Published on 12th of Oct 2015

Bob Arnott's Retirement

Directors and their families from Centa Antriebe in Germany, Centa Norway, Centa Sweden and Centa Nederlands Centanians have made the trip to Bradford to mark the retirement of Centa Transmissions' managing director, Bob Arnott.
Published on 10th of Aug 2015

EMC-1 YASA Generator

New, remotely operated clutch option pairs the compact EMC-1 with YASA generator for hydraulic/electric power drive option
Published on 16th of Jun 2015

Coupling For Testing Wind Turbine Drives

Centa creates a new Centawave coupling for testing slow speed/high torque applications on Wind Turbines.
Published on 24th of Mar 2015

Centa talks Mechanical Power Transmissions with BMF Editor

From the driver to the driven, Cents shows BMF magazine editor, Kim Hollamby how things are done.
Published on 23rd of Mar 2015

Lucy has a real head for figures

Congratulations are in order as Centa Transmission's accounting expert, Lucy Mountain, has passed her Level 4 Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification!
Published on 2nd of Mar 2015

Nigel Smith elected Chairman of BMF Engines & Equipment

Nigel Smith, sales manager at Centa Tranmissions, is the new chairman of the British Marine Federation (BMF) Engines & Equipment Association.
Published on 10th of Feb 2015

Team Britannia announces new round world sponsor

Royal British Legion named as main sponsor of Team Britannia round the world surface record attempt. Centa supplies two lightweight driveshafts.
Published on 23rd of Jan 2015

Team Britannia record challenge on for 2015

Team Britannia record challenge on for 2015 with two Centa shafts connecting engines to Castoldi jets
Published on 20th of Oct 2014

Centa sponsors the 2015 Seawork Daily Newsletter

The Seawork exhibition daily newsletter is to be sponsored by Centa again in 2015
Published on 15th of Oct 2014

Ship and Boat International Sept-Oct 2014

Half-million pound investment in new factory extension results in further expansion and growth.
Published on 14th of Oct 2014

high precision, backlash free gears, speed reducers and planetary gears

All types of industrial drive problems solved with bespoke gearbox engineering. The right gears for the job!
Published on 13th of Oct 2014

New employees at Centa

Three new full time employees join Centa Transmissions
Published on 26th of Aug 2014

Yorkshire Post features Centa coupling design for Morgan 3 Wheeler

Centa helps to keep the wheels turning on famous sports car with new a cushion drive for Morgan Cars.
Published on 29th of Apr 2014

Centa celebrates 35 years of manufacturing with £600k investment

Bradford-based Centa Transmissions has celebrated 35 years of manufacturing and growth with an Open Day attended by over 100 of it's global customers and suppliers.
Published on 28th of Apr 2014

Centa hosts BMF EE Committee Meeting

Centa recently played hosts to the BMF EE committee meeting at newly expanded Shipley HQ
Published on 14th of Apr 2014

Reworked cushion drive from Centa on Morgan 3 Wheeler

Centa Transmissions reworked cushion drive featured in Daily Telegraph review for Morgan 3 wheeler
Published on 17th of Jan 2014

Centa's Nigel Smith elected Vice Chair of BMF Engines & Equipment

Centa's Nigel Smith has been elected Vice Chair of BMF Engines & Equipment from January 2014
Published on 10th of Jan 2014

Apprentice of the Year

Andrew Jackson, an apprentice at Shipley-based Centa Transmissions Limited, has been named an “Apprentice of the Year” by Bradford College.
Published on 30th of Jul 2013

New Centa App now available to download

The new Centa App is now available to download to your phone
Published on 25th of Jun 2013

New EMC launches at Seawork 2013

Centa transmissions have launched a new Electromagnetic Clutch that allows generators or hybrid motors to be added to the clutched or drive end and all PTO requirements can be accommodated with this one compact unit.
Published on 25th of Jun 2013

Centaflex couplings and hydraulic pumps at Skipper Expo Galway

CENTAFLEX-M, AGM and RS marine couplings, the versatile ATEX Approved CENTAFLEX-A Series and the CENTAFLEX-KE single piece coupling for plant applications at Skipper Expo, Galway
Published on 11th of Jan 2013

Teamwork is about more than just a set of gears and raw power!

Success is more about a good set of gears and raw power, as Bradley Wiggins, the Olympic and Sky cycling teams and Centa Transmissions know well.
Published on 10th of Jan 2013

Priddy powerboat renamed Accomplish More for round the world record breaking circumnavigation challenge

Centa Transmissions is supporting this year’s Global Round the World record bid by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy, by providing power transmission components for the vessel that is designed to race 24,000 miles in under 50 days! Accomplish More
Published on 18th of Apr 2011

Carbon fibre driveshafts are low in weight, solve misalignment, need minimal maintenance and provide robust, torsionally stiff, corrosion resistant noise reduction

Carbon fibre driveshafts run at higher speeds, are low in weight, need minimal maintenance and provide robust, torsionally stiff, corrosion resistant vibration reduction.
Published on 21st of Jul 2010

Centa clutches reduce embarkation time on Ryde hovercraft

Centa Transmissions has supplied two special electromagnetic clutch assemblies to Griffon Hoverwork Limited.
Published on 2nd of Jul 2010

Emphasis on the use of carbon fibre shafts in marine applications has tended to obscure their suitability for other sectors. Eureka Magazine report

Eureka editor, Paul Fanning, looks at the potential of lightweight shafts for long span industrial power transmissions
Published on 22nd of Feb 2010

Light and vibration free CENTADISC and Spiral Bevel Gears drive wind power turbines

CENTADISC-C vibration free lightweight shaft and Spiral Bevel Gears provide creative solutions for Wind Power, Offshore Wave and Tidal Power energy systems worldwide
Published on 18th of Feb 2010