Power transmissions experts, Centa Transmissions, have produced flexible couplings for all types of diesel engine drives since 1979. Our experience is unrivalled, as is the range of products and sizes. With a coupling for every type of marine drive application imaginable, from workboats and fast ferries, to offshore and windfarm support vessels, you can expect to find a Centa flexible coupling in any drive.


Couplings vary in what they can achieve so by working with customers during the design process it enables our team to specify the ideal coupling based on the particular application:


Torsional couplings

A world leader in this area, there are numerous couplings available from Centa to solve almost every combination.


The CENTAFLEX-RS is a robust roller coupling with a progressive torsional characteristic with very low stiffness at low speed, making it ideal for eradicating gearbox ‘clatter’.


Centaflex RS.jpgCENTAX-L_cropped.jpgCENTAFLEX-AM.jpg


CENTAFLEX-RS                 CENTAX-SEC-L                 CENTAFLEX-AM


With a torque range of 2.5 to 300KNm, the CENTAX-SEC-L is a highly elastic link coupling with excellent misalignment capability, perfect for use in soft-mounted drives. The rubber element allows high torsional and radial flexibility, enhanced by the axial and angular flexibility provided by the links.



The CENTAMAX range of highly elastic couplings is ideal for controllable pitch propeller installations.


Tailshaft couplings

With nominal torque up to 15KNm the CENTAFLEX-AM is a torsionally elastic, backlash free flexible coupling for all types of pleasure boats and small vessels.


Tailshaft couplings with thrust bearings

Isolating propeller thrust from the engine allows the AV mounts to do a better job. Centa’s AGM range of products allows just this, with thrust bearings capable of 120KN thrust.


Shaft couplings

Known as the silent driveshaft, the CENTALINK is a high performing, torsionally stiff shaft with outstanding kinematics. It provides compensation for considerable axial, radial and angular misalignment, constant velocity transmission and ensures significant noise reduction.



CENTALINK noise free flexible couplings.jpg  Centadisc_C.jpg                  

CENTALINK                                                     CENTADISC-C


Carbon fibre drive shafts

CENTADISC-C is an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre driveshaft. Combining plastic elements with carbonfibre shafting, it is ideal for long drive solutions, eliminating the need for additional immediate bearings. Bespoke solutions are also available.


Anti-vibration mounts

Although not manufactured by CENTA, by working with industry specialists such as Christie and Grey, CENTA can provide a complete solution.


Electromagnetic clutches (EMC)

Covering both ends of the PTO spectrum, Centa’s EMC offering includes small 100 Nm clutches through to a 13,000Nm size product.


PTO Drive Couplings

CENTAFLEX-A is a highly versatile flexible coupling that, with minimal effort, enables the custom build of a drive solution for almost any purpose. The range incorporates a highly elastic element that is flexible in any direction and upon which an entire coupling system is based.