CARBON FIBRE DRIVESHAFTS for water pumps defeat noise and vibration caused by misalignment 

Mechanical power transmissions experts, Centa Transmissions, are pioneers and market leaders in carbon fibre shaft technology. Their super-strong and ultra-lightweight shafts are proven over thousands of hours’ operation and offer many benefits to engineers connecting the diesel engine to the pump in situations requiring a long span solution.

Span lengths of 10m & 12m with single unit

Developed in co-operation with influential academic and leading classification societies, the benefits of carbon fibre shafts are numerous. For example, a single section of a Centa carbon fibre shaft can span distances of up to 12 metres with a single unit. This eliminates the need for intermediate support bearings, these being a common cause of drive misalignment, vibration and noise. It also reduces operational costs as assembly requirements are substantially reduced. 

Lighter than than conventional shafts

Also, a carbon fibre shaft typically weighs 70% less when compared with a conventional steel shaft, which reduces loads on the engine and other components. It also means that less maintenance is required.  

For the water industry, a lightweight carbon fibre shaft provides quiet, vibration-free pump connections, particularly in deeper wells where the distance from engine to pump can be extensive. It is also perfect for the transmission of energy-efficient power while simultaneously coping with increased velocities of the driven application. 

Pictured is the corrsion resistant CENTADISC-C with carbon fibre shaft

Adding to the lightweight and flexibility properties of carbon fibre is the secure connection of the hubs to the flexible coupling. Centa’s shafts are compatible with a range of flexible couplings, including the CENTADISC-C, CENTALINK and the CENTAFLEX-A. 

Corrosion free flexible couplings

CENTADISC-C provides a double-cardanic system with two tandem membranes in series. The coupling is manufactured from heavy duty plastic for increased angular flexibility or with glass-fibre reinforced plastic for higher torque transmission. The torsionally stiff design of the coupling compensates for both axial and angular misalignments and is extremely durable and oil-resistant. It is also corrosion resistant and functions well in high ambient temperatures.

The Centa-designed CENTALINK coupling has the unique link system which enables the shaft to flex in all directions, thereby overcoming every type of misalignment. The links are individually mounted on strong rubber bushes which provide the capacity for the required movement to silence vibration and noise, the result of a misaligned drive.

ATEX Approved flexible couplings

The torsionally soft CENTAFLEX-A is one of Centa’s most versatile couplings, which is available in many different sizes to cope with a wide torque range. Designed to overcome axial, radial and angular misalignment, often simultaneously, the CENTAFLEX-A is also ATEX Approved for use in potential inflammable and explosive atmospheres.

Founded in 1979, Centa Transmissions manufactures and supplies a wide variety of flexible couplings, shafts and other power transmission products to suit any diesel engine-driven application. 

Extensive manufacturing and warehousing

As well as newly extended carbon fibre manufacturing facilities at CENTA Antribe in Germany, which means that UK customers can benefit from greater product availability, there is also extensive manufacturing, fabrication and warehousing at Centa’s UK factory in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Consequently, pump manufacturers’ can benefit from Centa’s in-house design capability and full technical support, with many flexible couplings being readily available from stock. 

To find out more about how lightweight carbon fibre shafts can solve misalignment, noise and vibration in your pump drives, please call the Centa Transmissions technical team on 01274 531034 or email Centa here.