Graham Kenneth Tomlin. Works Manager, Centa Transmissions Limited

With deep regret, Centa UK's oldest employee and just the second person to be employed by the Company, died peacefully at home on Wednesday 1st June 2016 aged 69years.

Graham was working for a sub-contractor to a nascent Centa Transmissions Limited as a machinist, but when the sub-contractor ceased operations, Graham transferred to the Company on 22nd February 1982, then based at Legrams Mill in Bradford. He helped to oversee the move to a new building at Canal Road, Bradford in 1984 and then to our present site at Thackley Court in 1989.

A key member of the early years development of Centa, Graham used his versatile practical skills. He was an expert at building Cyclo Gearboxes when they came in for repair, as each unit was virtually hand built and required some considerable expertise to re-condition. Graham was never the one for the mundane day-to-day work, preferring to do innovative projects, or something different every day - for example, if you needed a regular job doing, Graham was not the man to ask.

Graham picked up new ideas brought into the Company as it developed from a simple manufacturing process to one of modern manufacturing methods, with cell working and innovative work holding. He was at his best in manufacture of development rigs and structures, all at low cost and high performance, always re-using parts and components to hand – he was, indeed, a very practical person. The maintenance area was always an Aladdin’s Cave of salvaged parts from which he could find a vital bit that was needed, using some form of long term memory and spatial knowledge.

Graham was key to the success of the Company we know today, a modern manufacturing company, using modern tools and processes to produce the top quality product that the industries we serve requires.

Our sympathy goes to his wife Janet and his family. Graham’s son, also a Graham, works in the warehouse area of the Company.

For Centa Transmissions Ltd
R E Arnott - Chairman