New innovation combines electric and hydraulic power in single clutch UNIT createS interest at Seawork

Seawork sees the public appearance of Centa’s new electromagnetic clutch application that combines both electric and hydraulic power into a single unit.

This new remotely operated clutch option pairs the new EMC-1 unit with a YASA generator and employs latest technology to form a unique combination that has grabbed the attention of marine engineers and designers looking for innovative control solutions.

Centa’s sales manager, Nigel Smith, explains:

YASA generator with EMC-1.jpg“The electromagnetic clutch was launched two years ago to meet demand for a single unit, compact remote clutching system that’s compatible with all types of diesel engines and PTO shafts. This new version of the EMC integrates EMC-1 with the YASA generator for auxiliary power within a single compact unit. We know that marine engineers and engine designers need this type of flexibility in a single unit. We waited until Seawork to launch it as it is perfect for the marine market.”

The EMC is available in seven standard sizes and includes engine mounted and free standing options, plus a number of additional sizes for hydraulic pump drives. The fast-expanding EMC range increases Centa’s reputation for creating robust mechanical power transmissions covering all torque requirements.

Read more about the EMC range here.

Download the electronic version of the EMC brochure here.