new CENTAFLEX-KF flexible coupling for use in all types of diesel hydraulic drives.

Centa is has launched its new CENTAFLEX-KF flexible coupling for use in all types of diesel hydraulic drives.


Wherever radial misalignments of up to 0.7 mm have to be overcome and where high temperatures, especially in sealed machines, are a problem - the CF-KF is the perfect solution.


It provides high torsional stiffness and has an axially short build, which is a special advantage for flywheel connections and will manage short term temperature increases of up to maximum 120°C.




The CENTAFLEX-KF consists of a lasered adapter plate for the flywheel connection The is a secondary flange constructed from moulded reinforced plastic, with a thin vulcanised layer of temperature resistant elastomer.  This vulcanised rubber membrane is incredibly strong and copes with and damps movement from drive misalignment. This makes it the ideal choice for all sealed hydraulic pump drives and all types of diesel engines. Additionally, it is easy to adapt to different flywheel and hub connections.


Torsionally-stiff flexible coupling overcomes misalignment

Overcomes radial misalignment of up to 0.7 mm in normal operation.

Torque ranges of up to 800Nm - higher torques available on request.


High temperature resistance

The perfect choice where higher temperature operation is required, with a short-term capacity of up to 120°C maximum.


Easy to install

An Axial plug in assembly is available for customer-specific splines.

Very short, extremely small assembly dimension for the flywheel connection.

Additionally, the composition of the hub material means that the CENTAFLEX-KF has very high resistance to wear.



  • Hydrostatic drives
  • Plant and equipment
  • Sealed hydraulic pump drives

To download the CENTAFLEX-KF product datasheet, please follow this link