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Read Captain Alan Priddy's 2012 report on the World Surface Speed record attempt here. All systems go for 2013 and a stunning impression of the finish!

Download his report now! 2012 round up from Captain Alan Priddy.pdf

Story updated on 16 January 2012

A team planning to smash the world record for travelling round the world in a speedboat have enlisted the help of marine power transmissions specialists, Centa Transmissions. The Yorkshire-based company has supplied two engineered driveshafts to add power to the record attempt which takes place in November 2012.

"Accomplish More", the 90ft custom-designed vessel which is presently being built at a cost of £1.6m to date, will try to cut 10 days off the present record that stands at 60 days! Centa is confident that its shafts, chosen for their reliability, will give the team the speed and dependability they need to be successful.

Centa has provided two lightweight CENTAX VFA 55 Torsional Couplings along with intermediate CENTA UJ 687.55 driveshafts that directly link the twin engines to the water jets, to a design configured to eliminate the need for gearboxes. This combination is a well proven design and is used in many lightweight workboat applications.


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CENTAX-VFA 55 is a highly robust flexible marine coupling that removes wear and vibration caused by drive misalignment and eliminates the noise that would otherwise result. The two UJ shafts are engineered to provide high dynamic mis-alignment to ensure that both drives combine the reliability, strength and weight-saving benefits required for sustained speed.

Centa sales manager, Nigel Smith, says “Our association with the round the world record attempt showcases Centa’s lightweight coupling and shaft technology and with reliability being paramount to a successful outcome the "Accomplish More" team is confident our transmissions are the very best for the job.”

"Accomplish More", which will be ready in the Spring, is a powerful wave piercing vessel designed to cut directly through the waves, as according to crew member Peter Giovannoli, sailing up and down over the water can put a massive 5,000 miles onto the 24,000 mile journey!

Centa Transmissions is a world leader in marine flexible couplings and shafts, including carbon fibre marine shaft technology. Its power transmission products have solved countless drive problems on small to medium workboats, ferries and ships across the globe.

For more information about Centa’s range of flexible couplings, steel shafts, plus the super-strong, super-lightweight composite fibre shafts, visit their 2012 stand at Seawork or call the sales office on 01274 531034

For technical information relating to this attempt, please contact Centa Transmissions Limited.

For information about the record bid, please visit the official website

Good luck to Alan Priddy and all the team at the Global Circumnavigation Challenge from the Marine Couplings experts!