From the driver to the driven, centa shows bmf magazine editor how things are done

Couplings icon with border.jpgCenta Transmissions has played host to a visit by the editor of the British Marine Federation publication, BMF Magazine at their Shipley offices.

Editor, Kim Hollamby, paid a visit to Centa as part of his objective of meeting as many BMF member companies as possible to produce feature articles for the magazine. Bob Arnott, Centa’s managing director, was interviewed for the story, along with Darren Hudson, Nigel Smith and Anne Norcliffe.

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Kim was keen to find out more about Centa’s history as leading mechanical power transmissions engineers and their involvement with the UK marine industry. Bob explained that their main activities are within the fishing, workboat and offshore support vessel sectors and that although leisure marine forms a very small part of their business, they are happy to supply flexible couplings to members of the BMF.

When asked about Centa’s strengths as a company, Bob Arnott said: “There are lots of component suppliers around but very few of them are mechanical drive specialists. We specialise in diesel engine drives and provide flexible couplings from 50mm to 3.0 meters in diameter. And whilst many companies can provide the elements for a coupling but do not engineer, Centa’s skills lie in having the experience to pitch the right design solution from the start and then solve the entire application problem.”

Kim Hollamby was keen to find out more about how Centa invests in young people and during a factory tour he discovered that although Centa has a high degree of automated manufacturing, they still train their young people in the ‘old fashioned’ methods of manual machining. To underline their commitment to training, a number of Centa’s trainees have ‘graduated’ to design, production and office based positions within the company.

Training is also top of the agenda within the Centa Transmissions accounts team, where Lucy Mountain has completed her Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) course and is now studying for her higher level Chartered Accountancy qualification. Her colleague, Chloe Dixon, has completed her accountancy level 2 AAT and continuing with level 3, she is aiming to complete her full college graduation.

Nigel Smith, Centa’s sales manager, is also the present Chair of the BMF Engines and Equipment, the part of the British Marine Federation that looks after the interests of the mechanical equipment and engine suppliers.

A link to Kim’s story will be available when it is published in the BMF Magazine in April 2015.

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