Nigel Smith voted AS Vice ChairMAN of BMF Engines & Equipment at 2014 AGM

Centa’s Nigel Smith has become Vice Chair of the BMF Engines & Equipment, having been elected at the Annual General Meeting in January.

Nigel Smith MEEMA.jpgFormerly the Marine Engines and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEEMA), the newly named Association is part of the British Marine Federation and helps its members to work together for the benefit of each other - and the marine engine industry as a whole.

It works with government, environmental groups, standards organisations, classification establishments and other industry bodies for the continued improvement and development of the marine engine and ancillary equipment manufacturing business.

Nigel Smith, who is sales manager at Centa Transmissions, has long experience in the marine engine industry and member company Centa is at the forefront of shaft technology and power transmission development for the marine and industrial engine drives market.

For more information about BMF Engines & Equipment, or the British Marine Federation, please call Nigel Smith on 01274 531034 or email him directly.

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