Centa Transmissions Hosts British Marine Federation Engines and Equipment (BMF EE) Committee Meeting

Centa icon with border.jpgCenta recently played host to the BMF EE committee meeting at their newly expanded headquarters in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Until now, the BMF EE (formerly known as the Marine Engines and Equipment Manufacturers Association) has held their Annual General Meetings at either their Marine House offices in Egham, or at the London Boat Show and this was the first committee meeting to be held at the working location of a committee member. This change allows the BMF EE to experience and get to know the businesses of its committee members and will now enable each committee member to play host at one time or another.

Centa has a long standing relationship with the marine industry and the BMF EE but recently deepened their involvement with the Association when Centa sales manager Nigel Smith was voted as Vice Chair of the BMF EE at the Annual General Meeting in January 2014.

Centa and the Association will both benefit greatly from this increased involvement as Nigel will now be attending BMF council meetings, at which he will express both his and Centa’s experienced views on committee matters.

Commenting on being voted Vice Chair of the BMF EE, Nigel Smith said, “I am extremely pleased to be involved with the Association as it will help to raise the profile of Centa within the UK marine industry.”

As their policy statement maintains, "BMF EE is a pro-active group encouraging contact and participation by and with all the membership for our mutual benefit. BMF EE provides a forum for all members and to impart information concerning technical and commercial issues especially new legislation affecting our business activities."

Members range from global engine manufacturers and importers to specialist small to medium businesses, distributors and service dealers, all with involvement in the marine industry.

BMF EE.jpg Centa’s Nigel Smith (3rd from right)   is pictured with BMF EE Committee Members, including Louise Whythe, the association co-ordinator of the British Marine Federation (centre).