Factory expansion in Germany benefits Centa Transmissions UK customers

Solve your diesel engine drive problems faster!

Customers of the UK’s leading diesel engine drive specialists, Centa Transmissions, can expect to benefit from massive expansion to the manufacturing and warehousing facility at the CENTA Antriebe group headquarters in Germany. 

Centa carbon fibre shafts.jpg

Since its formation in 1970, CENTA Antriebe has expanded steadily and this year, opened its doors on new facilities that increase the total floor space to 24,400 square meters. The site now boasts the introduction of additional state-of-the-art automated manufacturing units, which enable greater and more efficient output of flexible couplings, driveshafts and complementing power transmission components. There is also extensive capacity dedicated to the production of its market-leading carbon fibre lightweight driveshafts and CENTADISC-C bonded couplings, pictured above.

Centa new racking.jpg

In tandem with this, new space-saving storage and racking is combined with automated order picking. This means that CENTA can call-off more products from stock, both from Germany and from their own extended warehousing facility in Shipley, Yorkshire.

As well as the increase in manufacturing and storage, there is an expansive test area that enables couplings of all sizes to be tested to stresses far in excess of usual operating capacity. 

Precision testing is a key part of CENTA’s manufacturing expertise. What this means for UK customers is that when they specify a CENTA coupling, they know that both the coupling and it’s flexible elements have been tested to extremes and that the bonding and vulcanising process is proven to the highest possible quality and resilience. 

Test benches of various specifications are presently in use and CENTA products are routinely tested for strength of bonding, dynamic values and concentricity. Couplings that are potentially exposed to high temperature operation can be heated to 120°C to simulate extreme conditions.

Particular customer requirements can be factored in, for example, slip torques for slip hubs, so that failure during operation is almost totally eliminated. Additionally, CENTA’s capacity to help both OEMs and those operating diesel-driven applications to solve engine drive problems is greatly enhanced by the increased testing capability and diversity of components.

Centa extension bridge.jpg

The new CENTA Antriebe factory extension in Haan, Germany

Founded in the UK in 1979, Centa Transmissions has built its reputation on having the ability to overcome all types of drive misalignment and the elimination of vibration and noise from the driven application. Consequently, standard and bespoke drive applications can be specified in even greater confidence, ensuring that vibration is damped and the propensity for premature wear and costly unscheduled down-time is drastically reduced. 

The benefit to engineers, designers, naval architects and end users of diesel engine drives in UK industrial and marine industries is that problems caused by misaligned and noisy drives can be solved more quickly and effectively through CENTA’s increased operational capacity.

CENTA Antriebe management team with Mayor.jpg

CENTA Antriebe's owners, the Kirschey family, with the Mayoresse of Haan, Dr. Bettina Warnecke