Centa clutches reduce turn round time for Solent Express

Centa has supplied two special electric clutch assemblies to Griffon Hoverwork Limited.

These have been fitted to “Solent Express”, Hovertravel’s BHT130 passenger carrying Hovercraft on the Ryde to Portsmouth route.

Fitted in the shaftline that controls the lifting fans, these clutches are now saving approximately five minutes on each turn round, enabling Hovertravel, the operator of the craft, to maintain its 30 minute schedule. Previously on embarkation, the lift fan engines needed a three minute run down so the passengers could get of safely. The fitting of the clutches means that this is no longer necessary and the passengers have less inconvenience on departing the craft. The craft can also depart quicker as the lift fans are still running.

Although still in a development phase, the clutches are proving to be a hit with both the crews and the passengers. These variants are a development of Centa’s clutch pack range.

389 MF 196 clipped.jpgSolent Express May 07 044.jpg

Two electromagnetic clutches speed up hovercraft journeys