Centa Beltbox


No strangers to solving even the most complex power transmissions problems, the team at Bradford-based engineering firm, Centa Transmissions are experts at designing and manufacturing unique solutions to very specific issues.

One such solution came in the creation of the CENTA BELTBOX.

Explains Nigel Smith, sales manager at Centa Transmissions: “When one of our customers approached us requiring a device to allow hydraulic pumps to lie alongside the diesel engine driving the machine; we immediately took up the challenge.

“The pumps couldn’t be fitted directly to the flywheel end due to length restrictions. A normal belt drive wasn’t an option either as the engine, a Kubota 2203, would not be able to take the side load and neither could the hydraulic pump. And so the CENTA BELTBOX was born.”

Continues Smith: “Using a toothed belt inside a housing, the unit allows the OEM to fit it easily and efficiently in production without all the associated hassle of lining up belt drives and, at the same time, absorbing all of the side loading from the belt via the pre-installed bearings.

“The CENTA BELTBOX is essentially a transfer device used where space is at a premium by placing the hydraulic pumps adjacent to the engine.

“Since its inception, we’ve never developed a standard CENTA BELTBOX range because the number of options is always increasing as we design a slightly different solution for each customer as they need it. It’s a prime example of a product devised from a specific need, something we’ve always excelled at.”

From the initial unit rated at 40Kw with one take off, Centa has designed and manufactured:

  • A 120Kw unit for a crusher having two take offs with the option of including a third
  • A 30 Kw sandwich unit for SAE3 which is placed between the engine and its transmission driving hydraulics and a compressor and used in a crop sprayer
  • A 250Kw free standing unit for centrifugal waterpumps


The team has worked on the design of the following units, although not successful in terms of orders, these projects give an idea of the scope of the Centa design philosophy:

  • A twin belt offering for multiple take offs on an SAE1 housing
  • An SAE5 sandwich unit for hydraulics


Adds Smith: “Our CENTA BELTBOX is designed to be fited and then forgotten. It features sealed for life bearings and a high quality belt that does not require belt tensioning as part of a maintenance programme. In fact, the only things that may ever need to be replaced at some point in time are the belt itself and the bearings. All the airborne dirt that is present that can usually ruin a belt is negated because the belt is contained inside a housing.


“It presents numerous benefits rolled into one. The CENTA BELTBOX is not just a product that saves space; it’s so much more than that.”


For more information on the CENTA BELTBOX, contact Nigel Smith at Centa on Tel: 01274 531034