Centa colleagues from across europe flock to md's retirement

Directors and their families from Centa Antriebe in Germany, Centa Norway, Centa Sweden and Centa Nederlands Centanians have made the trip to Bradford to mark the retirement of Centa Transmissions' managing director, Bob Arnott.


After managing the UK business for 18 years, Bob will remain with the company in the capacity of chairman and technical advisor. His successor as managing director, Darren Hudson, spoke warmly of Bob's leadership and signalled his intention to follow "the Gospel according to Bob" as a blueprint for taking Centa Transmissions to greater success in the future.


bob 1.jpg


Explains Darren: “Over 100 people attended the party and everyone spoke fondly of their relationship with Bob as a colleague and friend. It’s been a great pleasure and privilege to work alongside him all these years.”


Adds Bob: “I’m immensely proud of the fact that we’ve doubled the size and turnover of the business and, with the installation of new automated manufacturing pods, engineering no longer needs to be dirty.


“The fact that Centa is now recognised as the market leader in flexible couplings and engineering applications for the marine industry is testament to the team’s hard work and commitment day in, day out.”


Elaborating on his love of engineering, Bob said: "There is nothing I like more than hearing of a broken power transmission as it means there is a problem to be solved. Innovating solutions to mechanical drive problems is what we do best and there is now a great opportunity for Centa to lead the UK’s industrial drive sector too."


Bob, who is a keen climber, walker and cyclist, was presented with a touring cycle and a new rucksack for the mountains, as he now hopes to find a little more time for rest and relaxation


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Concludes Bob: "My retirement and change in role and responsibilities means that I now work just six days a week, instead of seven!"


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