Christie & Grey alliance real benefit to Ship and boat builders & repairers worldwide

Centa Antriebe Kirschey has teamed up with noise and vibration control specialists Christie & Grey to provide complete engine drive packages that will eliminate structure-borne vibration and noise throughout the entire drive system.

TSC group nois isolators.jpgSince 1914, Christie & Grey has been involved in the development and production of vibration and shock control for drives in both marine and industrial markets. This long experience helps engineers overcome all types of vibration and noise and adds additional expertise and product options to Centa's own extensive capability for eliminating misalignment of all types.

Christie & Grey were one of the first companies in the world to specialise in structure borne noise control and have been designing and suppying and designing ground-breaking installations since. Add to this Centa Transmissions' diesel engine drive experience of almost four decades and with a single call, you have access to some of the most experienced designers and engineers in the mechanical drives sector.

"We have worked with Christie & Grey for some time but this partnership means that our combined experience enables us to provide even greater technical know-how, equipment and support to both marine and industrial customers."

Nigel Smith, Centa Transmissions

CENTAX-SEC-IFS flexible coupling.jpgAs well as marine drives, Centa also has a wide range of industrial couplings, shafts, clutches and PTO drives for all types of manufacturing and processing equipment, within a myriad of industries and applications.

Paul Turver, managing director of Christie & Grey, adds: "We have undertaken many successful installations in partnership with Centa distributors around the world. This formal alliance will enhance our relationship with Centa and enable us both to offer superior engineered systems with guaranteed performance."

To find out more, please contact Centa's UK office through the Contact page.